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Selma Lazrak is an architect and product designer from Morocco and based in Munich, Germany. 

Born in Casablanca, Selma spent her early life immersed in the vibrant culture of her native land and the mediterranean coasts of Turkey and France. From object to architecture, her studio's work is dedicated to exploring the interplay between design, identity & territory.  


After completing her Master's degree in Architecture and Sustainable Design in France, she embarked on a professional journey, holding project lead roles in architecture and interior design firms across Morocco, France, Turkey and Germany. During her tenure, while working on public buildings in Istanbul and leading the interior design project for the renowned Khedive's Palace restoration (1907), she also delved into furniture design.


In 2020, Selma established her own studio in Munich, where she collaborated with renowned architects as an international project manager and architect, simultaneously developing her own design pieces.


Her meticulously handcrafted pieces, crafted from noble materials, pay homage to her heritage, personal history, and the natural essence of her diverse heritage. She combines state-of-the-art material processing technology with the precision of hand-finishing carried out by highly skilled craftsmen from the MENA region, pushing the boundaries of material experimentation.


In 2023, Selma Lazrak became an associate member of the World Design Organization (WDO), providing her with invaluable opportunities to contribute to the design community. As a member, she has had the privilege of delivering conferences alongside the board members on design, particularly in Morocco and Africa, where she shares her insights and expertise with fellow design enthusiasts and professionals.

Selma Lazrak is represented by Galerie Philia (New York - Geneva - Singapore - Mexico)


Milan design week 2024 - Salone de Mobile - SaloneSatellite 

Maison & Objet - Paris design week 2023 - Galerie Joseph 

Berlin design week 2023 - Stilwerk Kantgaragen

Milan design week 2023 - Isola Gallery 


Morocco Design Award 2023 - Designer of the year 

Africa Design Award 2023 - Designer of the year 


Best jury honor Master Thesis (Montpellier, France) : Mediterranean bioclimatic architecture and design 

2nd prize : Competition by the French Architect order - Public furniture design and landscape project in Florac, France


Rabat design week 2023 - Conference speaker with the World Design Organization (WDO) president and board 

Webinar (2024) - Innovation and African design main speaker in collaboration with WDO and WIPO (World intellectual property organization) for the introduction of a new application

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